TerraVita Bleeding Piles Complex Tea

Bleeding Piles (Hemorrhoids) Complex Tea –

Horse Chestnut, Cayenne, Witch Hazel, White Oak


The two principal herbs in this blend are horse chestnut and cayenne pepper, each of which has been used historically, and supported scientifically, in treating hemorrhoids, or piles. Horse chestnut helps reduce blood vessel permeability and can be useful for both varicose veins and hemorrhoids, also known as piles. Studies done in Europe found that horse chestnut helped to increase blood flow, strengthen connective tissue, tighten up veins, and decrease redness and swelling. Cayenne pepper can be useful for facilitating blood flow, as piles are characteristic of sluggish blood flow in the area of the veins in and around the anus.

TerraVita Bleeding Piles Tea - treat hemorrhoids and varicose veins

50 tea bags

Swelling and throbbing can be reduced by the inclusion of the tonic herb, white oak bark; its bitter and astringent qualities have been valued for centuries and its ability to tighten tissues and strengthen blood vessels. Witch hazel offers further restorative properties for the tissue lining and helps reduce bleeding.

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