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Have External Hemorrhoids? I Have Natural Remedies to Try

By drathaar April 13, 2017 Uncategorized

Hemorrhoids can be itchy, painful, and embarrassing. Especially the external hemorrhoids. Here are some natural, home remedies to try for relief of your symptoms.

You can purchase many of these simple remedies for external hemorrhoids right at your local drug store. It is very important to remember to be careful when using these remedies. This applies to any type of healing that you plan to do naturally on your own. What you really need to do is soothe the itching and lessen the burning. The natural products that can relieve these symptoms of external hemorrhoids are petroleum jelly, aloe gel, a combination of lavender or rosemary oils, witch hazel or rosemary used in an almond base.

Try these simple home remedies:

If you also want to shrink the hemorrhoids, you can use horse chestnut, collinsonia root powder or butcher’s broom. Follow the instructions carefully when using these products. To treat the symptoms and the hemorrhoids themselves you can mix water with your choice of herbs such as alumroot, goldenseal, powdered myrrh, slippery elm bark or mullein. Mix the ingredients with an equal portion of water and make a paste that should be applied to and kept on the hemorrhoids for at least one hour.

For those who would rather not apply anything directly to the hemorrhoids, there are drinks that could be made to get relief. Try mixing black mustard with yogurt and then drink a glass of buttermilk. Another drink with buttermilk would be adding peppercorns, rock salt and ginger to the buttermilk. If these don’t sound too appetizing, you may want to get a pomegranate, peel it, and boil the peels. You can drink a glass of this each morning and night.

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Another natural remedy involves avoiding certain foods or drinks that may make the hemorrhoids worse. Some of these foods and drinks include spices, too much salt, beer, soft drinks, coffee, sour foods, pickles and some meats. Avoiding an excess of any of these will also help to prevent hemorrhoids in the first place.
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The Best Hemorrhoid Treatment for Home Remedies

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Hemorrhoids are a huge pain in the rear and are often a negative side effect of pregnancy. But everyone else can get hemorrhoids as well. Hemorrhoids are an unfortunate condition that are painful, uncomfortable, and embarrassing. Luckily, you can take steps to prevent them at home.

Some lifestyle changes can greatly prevent the onset of hemorrhoids. Leading a healthy lifestyle can help a great deal. A few more specific things to help prevent hemorrhoids are:

    • Drinking plenty of water and increasing your fiber intake to maximize your regularity
    • Wear cotton underwear to allow adequate air flow to the anal area
    • Avoid sitting for long periods of time or lifting heavy objects
    • Empty your bowels as soon as you feel the urge

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If you do go through the pain of developing hemorrhoids, get started on a medication regime as soon as possible to combat the development of hemorrhoids. Many over-the-counter products help treat your hemorrhoids at home, such as anything that contains Hydrocortisone or witch hazel. These come in ointment, creams, suppositories, or pads. Also it is a good idea to take a pain reliever that contains acetaminophen (Tylenol) to help with the pain. Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen, however, as these will make the bleeding worse.

Besides medication, there are several other ways to treat hemorrhoids at home. Try such things as:


      • Soaking in a sitz bath several times a day for 15 minutes. Take care to make sure the water isn’t too warm
      • Apply an ice pack several times a day, and alternate with heat and warm compresses several times a day
      • Keep the anus area clean but do not use soap. Use a hairdryer to dry the area after you clean it
      • If you can, sleep on your stomach with a pillow under your hips to decrease swelling
      • There are many other home treatments you can try.

Hemorrhoids are a major source of discomfort, but experimenting with these different methods of home treatments and see what works best to make you feel better.


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